"Swing barriers are used to control vehicle access to car parks, and commercial or industrial premises"

Automatic Swing Arm Boom Barriers

Automatic heavy duty swing arm park barrier is an ideal solution for parking areas of larger multi-use sites where extra strength and security is required. The barrier is constructed from a heavy duty steel rectangular hollow sections and boasts a sturdy arm to prevent access to un-authorised areas. The design allows for locking in both open and closed positions, providing peace of mind during overnight periods when the parking area is often unmanned. The barrier is supplied with two sturdy locking posts as standard. The steel barrier arm can span openings of up to 6 metres (12 metres with a pair of barriers). Inexpensive barriers, designed to close off entrances, which have sufficient room for a horizontal opening and to control infrequent vehicle flow.

Motorised swing arm barriers are a simple and cost effective solution for keeping access to your premises secure and controlling traffic flow. Constructed from aluminium and then powder coated, these motorized swing Arm Barriers are protected from the formation of rust and weather damage, whilst maintaining a smooth finish and bright appearance. These road closers feature a boom that swings through 180 degrees. Capable of padlocking to the latch post and secure the boom in the opened position.


  • Affordable and most reliable

  • Best turnaround time across industries

  • Vehicle access control solutions can be integrated with time attendance system

  • Access Control solutions are currently used by many of the large business houses and institutes

  • Integration support with any RFID/Biometric Reader through NO input

  • Input Interface for Photocell, Air Switch, Loop detector

  • Easy to operate through push button/ Remote control

  • Custom built to exact customer requirements

  • Manual operation in case of power failure: Barrier can be raised or lowered by releasing the boom lock with key type mechanism.

  • Substantial mild steel construction

  • Galvanised finish

  • Optical beam sensor: Safety device to detect presence of vehicles and reversal of boom movement

  • Self learning of the radio code from transmitter to the receiver

  • Possibility of ‘hold-to-run’ command according to applicable safety standards

  • Modular design, configured to install flashing lights

  • Profile configured for minimizing the sail effect

  • The gate can be secured with the minimum of user intervention due to the spring loaded Self Latching mechanism.

  • Adjustable hinges allow on-site adjustment to ensure that the gate and catch post are correctly aligned

  • The catch post has a reduced height making the release mechanism of the gate easier and reduces the risk of trapped fingers

  • For double gates central removable catch post is available extra

  • Double gates are also available with central locking

Mounting Location
Technical Specification Description
Product Motorized Sliding Doors
Door Type Single side / Bi-parting Type
Door Mounting On Top Track Mechanism
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Location
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Location
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Opening Direction Horizontal
  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5

    Food Industries

  • 6

    Retail & Mall

  • 7


  • 8


  • 9


  • 10

    Villa Residency

  • 11

    Chemical Industries

  • 12

    Educational Institutions


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