“The ideal solution for helping to secure vehicle parks, improving security & traffic control”

Crash Rated Arm Barriers

Our crash rated barrier combines speed and control to deliver an exceptional access control system. This system is perfect for emergency entrance ways where vehicles need quick access onto a facility. The crash rated barrier can be operated in five to seven seconds. Electronically operated barriers help stop intrusions from any unauthorized vehicles and can withstand static hi-impact loads. This can be used at entry or exit points in premises where high security is required. Available options are the; Wedge barriers and tyre killers or spikes. The barriers are normally closed in normal times of operation and only opened in case unauthorized vehicles have to enter.

C4G Automation is the best solution provider of crash rated barriers including applications-Hotels, IT Parks, Hospitals, factories, embassies, airports, defence and other high security areas.

Crash Rated Arm Barrier Specifications

The arm barrier frames are fabricated from heavy steel sections which are anchored into the foundations.Crash barriers are designed to support the boom in the lowered position and to take a full impact load.The recess in the arm barrier catches prevents the boom from lifting when impacted.The arm is fabricated from a heavy steel section clamped to a lift yoke which is designed to slip through its clamp in the event of a collision, to engage under the catcher frame recessers.


  • Crash tested arm barriers are designed especially for entrances where there is a threat of suicide vehicle attack, or for the entrances that have very high security requirements

  • Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, it is not possible for the vehicle to keep on moving forward anymore beyond the arm of the barrier

  • Drive unit is electro mechanical or electro-hydraulic, but in case of power failure drop arm barrier can be lowered or lifted manually with the help of hand pump or manual key

  • Manufactured from heavy gauge materials

  • Elector-mechanical motorized automatically operated

  • Elector-hydraulic motorized automatically operated

  • Simple to install

  • Strong and durable

  • Arm locked when closed

  • Optical beam sensor: Safety device to detect presence of vehicles and reversal of boom movement

  • Self learning of the radio code from transmitter to the receiver

  • Possibility of ‘hold-to-run’ command according to applicable safety standards

Mounting Location
Technical Specification Description
Product Motorized Sliding Doors
Door Type Single side / Bi-parting Type
Door Mounting On Top Track Mechanism
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Location
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Location
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Opening Direction Horizontal
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    Food Industries

  • 6

    Retail & Mall

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  • 10

    Villa Residency

  • 11

    Chemical Industries

  • 12

    Educational Institutions


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