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“C4G Automation Services has been operating in the industry for many years and has become known as the industry quality manufacturers leader for all types of domestic, commercial & industrial door services”

Why Choose C4G Automation?

C4G Automation: Where Custom Comes Standard

When you’re looking for the best in automated entrance system providers in India, come to C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd.. Backed by decades in the industry and a commitment to the highest safety standards, we’re proud to be the industry-leading custom gate suppliers in South India. Our professionals not only install entrance automations, but also we personally design and service every system we sell. That’s why, when you’re looking for residential, commercial, industrial & high rise projects security gates in C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd., we’re the company to call.

Your One-Stop Resource for Product Design, Installation and Service

From Entrance Automation design to routine service, C4G Automation does it all. As the full-service C4G company in India that works with both homeowners and businesses, we design, install, and upgrade various automated gate systems.

Design: Come to us with a need, and we’ll design a solution; creating just the right entrance automation system for your location is our specialty.

Installation: Our trained and certified installers come to your home or facility and put in an on-site entrance automation solution that’s right for you.

Service: Contact us about an issue with your entrance automation, and we’ll respond within 24 to 48 hours of your initial call. We offer a preventative maintenance program to help keep your entrance automation looking and working like new.

Upgrades: We’ll even work with existing entrance automation systems, upgrading them to meet your needs and current safety standards.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial & High rise Projects Entrance Automation

Whether you want to make your residence, business or industrial location more secure, C4G Automation can help you do it in a way that’s both effective and attractive. We offer automated entrance systems that cater to the unique needs of unique settings — so whether it’s on a personal estate or around a corporate parking lot, each automated entrance system is sure to be the ideal fit.

Your Safe, Reliable, Family-Owned Company in India

Committed to the industry’s highest safety standards and passionate about using only high-quality materials, C4G Automation is a family-owned business that clients throughout India come to trust for automated entrance systems. For any and all security and barrier systems, we’re here to serve you. Interested in adding a customized entrance automation system to your location? Contact today by call, or shoot us an email.

Why people choose our services?

With over 7 years combined knowledge at our disposal we have the expertise to deal with your enquiry. We pride ourselves on excellent, friendly, professional and cost effective service for all our customer requirements and continue to provide for both the commercial and domestic industry throughout South India.

Fast turnarounds

We understand that sometimes things need to be completed on a tight deadline, we can offer fast turnaround to ensure your project gets done on time.

Great prices

We offer much more than just great prices, but we don’t want price to be your reason for choosing us. Our quality and service is unrivalled.

Compliant Installations

Based upon our full design drawings and specification we offer a supply and installation service. All products supplied are fully compliant with the relevant standards.


C4G operate with a team of highly skilled Engineers and are able to perform all types of manufacture, repair, and maintenance tasks. And offer certified and fully trained staff.

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