“In public spaces – Pneumatic barriers and gateways can be intrusive, implying closure and containment but at times offering inadequate resistance to the very determined”

Pneumatic Bollards

To operate the product you simply turn the key in the lock which is located in the base flange. Once unlocked, the bollard automatically raises in part due to a pneumatic mechanism within the inner tube of the bollard. The pneumatic mechanism helps to counter act the weight of the product when you lift the bollard into the ‘up’ position to secure the product in place. To retract the product, you turn the key in the base flange and the bollard will slowly start to retract into the ground, ready to be completely lowered by gently pushing the remaining height into the ground by hand.

Pneumatic automatic retractable bollards provide the highest level of security and are designed for repetitive cycles and are ideal for high level traffic control such as parking lots, access control gates, commercial building entrances, or military bases. These bollards can operate with most existing access control systems and are manufactured completely from stainless steel to avoid corrosion from harsh weather environments.

Pneumatically driven automatic bollards can be integrated with any access control option, including a key system, guard operated, proximity card, or any other system or software. The system can be geared for both high operation cycles and minimal use. These bollards are manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel for durability, weather-resistance, and aesthetics.


  • Affordable and most reliable

  • Best turnaround time across industries

  • A highly rugged design for long life

  • Vehicle access control solutions can be integrated with time attendance system

  • Access Control solutions are currently used by many of the large business houses and institutes

  • A highly rugged design for long life

  • Input Interface for Photocell, Air Switch, Loop detector

  • Easy to operate through push button/ Remote control

  • A highly rugged design for long life

  • Manufactured from corrosion-treated stainless steel (or steel powder coated options)

  • Very high impact strength. Height above

  • Low maintenance

  • Optical beam sensor: Safety device to detect presence of vehicles and reversal of boom movement

  • The rising or lowering time is about 3-4 seconds

  • Complete periphery protection for entry/ exit control points

  • Colours – Stainless steel, black & yellow

  • Impact resistance depends on the selection of the type of bollard

  • Application in parking lots, private driveway, commercial driveways, pedestrian area etc…

  • Various operating accessories available as such as remote control, push button, magnetic loop detectors etc…

  • Indicative accessory such as LED light over bollards can be suggested for easy visibility

  • Unobtrusive appearance

  • Flexibility to interface will all forms of access control

  • Application in Research Centers, Embassies, Police headquarters, Military bases etc…

Mounting Location
Technical Specification Description
Product Motorized Sliding Doors
Door Type Single side / Bi-parting Type
Door Mounting On Top Track Mechanism
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Location
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Location
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Opening Direction Horizontal
  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5

    Food Industries

  • 6

    Retail & Mall

  • 7


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  • 9


  • 10

    Villa Residency

  • 11

    Chemical Industries

  • 12

    Educational Institutions


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