“Aluminium is light, sturdy and durable. It makes for quiet operation and offers good insulation values, operational reliability and lasting quality"

Motorised Aluminium Rolling Shutters

The aluminium rolling shutters are widely used across the market for both residential, commercial & industrial use. It is designed as a cost effective measure to prevent entry and to enhance security levels as opposed to grills and doors. The aluminium rolling shutters are light and easy to handle. It is ideal for shop fronts, garage openings, small and low-value warehouses, stairwell opening and car parks. It is designed to withstand normal wear and tear from rain and dirt, long term durability and high volume usage.

Aluminium rolling shutters enhance both your property’s appearance and its energy-efficiency. They offer a wide range of design options and customised convenience and increase the overall efficiency of buildings. Because the building apertures remain flexible, rolling shutters ensure the right indoor climate all year round. They provide protection against cold, heat, noise, prying eyes and insects whenever you need it. They also offer increased protection against break-ins.

Aluminium is resistant to twisting and barely expands at all in hot conditions. What’s more, it is suitable for high-precision processing. Our manufacturing facilities include powder coating paint line to provide a large range of high quality colour finishes to our aluminium rolling shutter products. We also provide anodising finishes in our range of aluminium rolling shutters.


  • Our shutters are manufactured from the best quality metals which ensure long lasting performance

  • The bottom profile of the door is incorporated with additional stiffeners to provide an additional strength

  • Steel, aluminums or stainless steel grill rolling shutters are available in various designs

  • Our shutters are manufactured from the best quality metals which ensure long lasting performance

  • Our drives have weight carrying capacity until 2500Kgs

  • Motorised rolling shutters are self sufficient and can be operated by a single push button

  • Our shutters are in-build with high performance drives and intelligent controls

  • In case of power failure, these doors can be operated manually using a hand crank or chain drive

  • Our Drives are inbuilt with Special Anti Drop device and additional Electromagnetic brake to ensure that the door does not free-fall in any worst conditions

  • Finger-tip control to open and close shutters of any size with the utmost ease from a single push-button switch or a radio remote control transmitter

  • Noiseless operation and Excellent strength

  • Easy installation and Low maintenance

  • Our shutters are manufactured from the best quality metals which ensure long lasting performance

  • Grill rolling shutters are one of the options that you may choose as your shutter curtain among the many types of roller shutters

  • Grill rolling shutters are light but strong and allow air ventilation while ideal for creating a friendly barrier from the outside

Motorised Aluminium Rolling Shutters
Width Min./Max. 1000/ 7000 mm
Height Min./Max. 1000/ 7000 mm
Max. Area 49 Sqm
Opening Direction Vertical
Mounting Location Center/Inside/Outside
Opening/Closing Speed 0.05-0.1mtr /sec
Mounting Surface Concrete, Steel
Slat Material Non Insulated Double Wall Aluminium profiled Slats
Slat Profile Corrugated Profile (RSC 78, RSC 88, RSC 113)
Optional Flat Profile
Side Guide Extruded Aluminium profile with Rubber Seals on both ends
Bottom Profile Extruded Aluminium profile with Bottom Rubber sealing to prevent foreign particles & to incorporate sensors if required
Roller Shaft Heavy duty Mild Steel strong suspension Tubular shaft without springs
Side Brackets M.S plate 3 mm to 10 mm,as per the opening dimension
Hood Cover Galvanized Steel sheet
Surface Finish Standard Off White Color
Special Color on request
Painting (Optional) Enamel/Duco Colours
Control Type Casing made of compact impact-resistant material incorporating operating buttons for shutter operation.
Specific IP rating provided as per the requirement.
Deadman/Pulse Control suggested application wise.
Drive Type Imported make Indirect /Direct Connecting Drive selection made depending on the space opening availability, no of operations subjected etc.
Drive with integral breaking system with Long life expectancy
Drive Unit Electric Motor(Imported Make) Single Phase/Three Phase
Emergency Operation Manual operation by Hand chain or hand crank
can be integrated with advanced control
Operational Accessories
Additional Push Button
Key Switch
Remote Control with receiver
Pull Cord Switch
Magnetic loop detector
Mechanical Accessories
Fixed Bollards
Motor Cover
Indicative Strips
Safety Accessories
Safety Photocell
Electronic Safety Edge
Indicative Accessories
Flashing lamp
Flashing lamp with alarm
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