“The major feature of Leda’s Security undercarriage cantilever gates is that they are only supported at one end and are designed to operate without the need for a surface mounted track across the driveway – beneficial in high traffic or heavy vehicle areas”

Motorised Cantilevr Sliding Gates

Trackless sliding gate systems do not require a ground track – this can be advantageous where the driveway entrance slopes, busy or heavy traffic entrances or where minimal disturbance to the driveway surface is requested. The main design difference from a tracked system is that the cantilever system has a special section bottom rail in which incorporates two sets of enclosed roller wheels set apart at a pre- determined distance to a large concrete foundation base.

The cantilever sliding gate is approx 1/3 longer than a tracked slider, the extra length acts as a counterbalance so that the gate is free to slide back and forth, supported throughout the entire opening/closing width by the roller wheels within the bottom rail. There is a slam post assembly at one end and stops at the other end to ensure that the gate cannot slide free of it mountings and fall over. Often the lower leading edge has a wheel which engages into a guide/shoe to ensure correct engagement upon closing.

The gate is held up-right by a guide rail and a roller. Guides positioned at the mid or top rail height. In the manual mode the gate is very easy to slide open and closed as the roller wheels incorporate precision bearings. The method of automation is based on a rack and pinion principle, the motor unit has a drive gear which engages into a linear rack positioned on the lower inside face of the gate, the motor gear wheel simply drives the gate open and closed.

What types of cantilever gate do we offer?

C4G offers several types of cantilever chain-link sliding gates in the Fortress family of products:

Box frame cantilevered slide gates- Fortress box-frame cantilevered slide gates are our largest type of sliding chain-link gate, capable of clearing openings up to 120 feet wide. Made from aluminum alloy extrusions, they are durable and lightweight for smooth, seamless operation, even in heavy-duty applications. A series of diagonal cross members reduce sway for improved structural integrity.

Heavy-duty cantilevered slide gates- Our strongest and toughest sliding driveway gate, Fortress heavy-duty systems are built for the most demanding applications. Like our standard gates, they are made from rugged aluminum alloy extrusions, but bolstered by a set of cross and top members for additional rigidity and stability. They are suitable for use in openings up to 60 feet wide.

Structural cantilevered slide gates- Fortress structural cantilevered slide gates offer a compromise between heavy-duty and standard products. Thanks to a double-track design, they can be used in larger openings – up to 80 feet wide – without compromising security or stability.

Ornamental cantilevered slide gates- A chain-link rolling gate should be more than just functional. For corporate and commercial applications, we offer a number of ornamental options that give you the security you need along with an appealing aesthetic. Choose from a range of color and design configurations – contact a representative directly for details.


  • Gate is designed to operate without bottom rollers on gate.

  • Gate opens and closes suspended. Gate suspended by means of a cantilever system.

  • Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates are virtually maintenance free as there is no accumulation of dust & water on the track.

  • Cantilever gate manufacturers use ( Imported or Indian ) make cantilever track and pair of bottom trolley rollers.

  • In case of power failure -just unlock device with personalized key

  • no trace on the ground and no danger lane changes because of the climate of the bend.

  • no risk of wear or bending due to the passage of trucks or heavy vehicles.

  • Works on Precise machine cut toothed pinion along with galvanized rack arrangement

  • These types of doors in cantilever sliding doors can be easily installed on an unsterilized floor, or perfectly horizontally.

  • Electromechanical gear motors range: 400 to 6000Kg for heavy gate application

  • Available with hinged side & inbuilt wicket gates for pedestrian use.

  • Heavy duty cantilever rolling gear.

  • High quality rollers to reduce noise and vibration

  • Custom designed as per clients requirements

  • Gates can be interlocked with entrance boom barrier as additional safety.

  • Sand blasting, hot deep galvanizing process, painting can be provided.

  • Quick release disengaging mechanism inside sliding doors enables changeover to manual operation in case of power failure

  • Optical beam sensor: Safety device to detect presence of vehicles and reversal of gate movement

  • It can be integrated with any kind of access controller system i.e. RFID device, Fingerprint and Biometric devices, Remote, card dispenser and Push button etc…

Motorised Telescopic Sliding Gates
Width Min./Max. Single Leaf : 1200/16000mm
Double Leaf :2200/32000mm
Height Min./Max. 1000/2700mm
Larger Dimension on request
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/ Outside
Mounting Surface Bottom Rail: RCC
Columns : RCC
Outer Frame Heavy Duty tubular box section
(or Customized design available on request)
Internal vertical member Heavy Duty Vertical Box sections
(or Customized design available on request)
Bottom Rollers European make and Indian make high performance dual pattern hangers equipped with noiseless ball bearings
Pattern Standard Mild Steel Tubular pattern
Full height Column Heavy Duty Box Section
(or Customized design available on request)
Cantilever Track European make imported make and Indian make Cantilever Track
Guide Rollers Nylon Rollers with bearings both side mounted on column for support & smooth movement of gate.
Other available gate material Stainless Steel,
Hot dip Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium Steel
Sheets M.S/GI/Perforated /Aluminium sheets
Polycarbonate / Acrylic / PVC Sheet/Glass/Wood/WPC Wood/Fundermax panels
Ornamental Designs On Request or as per client or architect design.
Options Available Spikes as per requirement
Wicket gate/Side Gates in the similar pattern as the main gate
Any type of Customized Design can be made on request.
Surface Finish Surface preparation:-Sand Blasting
Standard: Primer Finish
Optional: Enamel Painting/Duco/PU painting/ Powder coating/ Hot deep Galvanising
Drive Unit Imported & Indian make electromechanical drive having features such as powerful startup & thermal sensors
Single( A.C & D.C )/Three Phase
Emergency Operation Manual release knob
Accessories (Optional)
Operational Accessories
Additional Push Button
Key switch
Remote Control with receiver
Magnetic Loop Detector
Safety Accessories
Safety Photocell
Vertical Safety Edge Sensor
Indicative Accessories
Flashing Light
Features Interlocking with existing boom barriers if required
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