“Flap barriers, installed in conjunction with any access control system, provides valuable assistance to security personnel at any monitored entrance”

Automatic Motorised Flap Barrier

The intelligent Flap barrier is one of the serial products of intelligent passage management system from our company. It possesses superiority incomparable with the traditional management mode. The close time can be adjusted from 0~18 seconds. It will stop automatically when it detects someone or something after the gate. When the blockage disappears, it will open then closed again, delay time can be adjusted in 0-18 seconds. The door can also be controlled by push button or access control.

The gate can be installed at the entrance and set for a single direction. In an emergency such as a Fire escape, you can push the gate open in the opposite direction, at the same time the indicator light will flash with the alarm. If the gate is impeded in the opening process , the gate will try to open and close three times automatically, if the gate still can’t get rid of the faults, the gate will be on sleep mode until it be recovered to closed status manually (the position is 0 degree), then the auto adjust / control of the gate can be activated.


  • Self-examining and alarm

  • Little noise or mechanical impact for pedestrians

  • Multiple usage options within control menu are below. The unit is birectional and can be locked

  • Fail safe with power loss. Barrier will automatically open

  • Standard electrical interface to connect and security card or proximity readers. Can be Factory fitted or at site by your security contractor

  • Automatic Counter of movements is included. An optional LED display is available to show the Count at all times if required. This is great for tallying periodic movements by local staff

  • Top mounted LED display shows passing directions authorized

  • Easy installation and Free maintenance

  • Can be integrated with all types of access control panel

  • Offering complete entrance control solutions

  • Suitable for manning entries for controlling entrances

  • Provide normally open / normally close to satisfy management request

  • Compatible with RF card readers, bar code readers, biometric readers, push button

  • Equipped with infrared photocell, alarm while unauthorized entry or tailgating attempts, together with anti-strike function to protect pedestrian

  • Expanded to automatic identification system, access control system, Traffic control, attendance check and fare collection system etc…

  • Automatically reset : lock automatically while the pedestrian not pass the lane in the pre-set time after the flap opened. The passing time is adjustable

  • Equipped with international interface, can be easily integrated with other R/W device and managed through remote supervision computer

  • (Optional) Support gate open while power failure and recover N/C mode after power on

  • (Optional) Memory function. Can pass N pedestrians continuously by swiping card N times correspondingly (N<=16)

  • (Optional) Reversed passing alarm function, barrier will alarm if pedestrian pass from opposite direction after reading the card

  • One direction or bi-direction is optional

Retractable Flap Barrier
Dimensions 1200 x 280 x 980 mm
Operation Bi-Directional
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Finish Stainless steel finish to Grade 4(Satin Finish)/ Powder coated in structured finish
Through Out 30 persons/min
Unlock Time 0.2 s
Pass Width ≤550mm
Temperature Range -25⁰C to +70⁰C
Flap material Plastic plate, toughnend glass
Drive Unit Blockable Torque Motor with constant torque output & built in thermal protection
Power Supply 230+/-VAC, 50 Hz
Emergency operation Manual operation for opening. Also can be configured for Flaps to remain closed during power failure
Options Available Any type of Customized automation can be made on request
Surface Finish Standard Finish
Drive Unit Imported make electromechanical drive having features such as powerful startup & thermal sensors
Single( D.C )
Emergency Operation Manual release knob
Operational Accessories
Magnetic Loop DetectorAccess Card Control
Face Recognizer
Safety Accessories
Safety Photocell
Indicative Accessories
Flashing Light
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