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Sliding Gates


1. Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic Sliding Gates are a good way of creating more useable space for parking from the area which would have been required for swing gate opening. Automatic sliding gates are also a good solution where the driveway slopes up and away from the gates, where the slope would have prevented swing gates from opening, sliding gates are ideal for automatic operation there. A ‘sliding setup’ is required which, for a single gate, consists of 2 easy-roll wheels (fitted to the gate), a roller post, a slam keep post and a steel track of double the gate opening size which has to be concreted into the ground.


• Space saver
• No gates left open!
• Your family and pets will be safe and secure
• Increased personal security with driveway gates operated from the safety of your car
• Increased privacy – no uninvited visitors
• Greater convenience and improved quality of life
• Safety devices as standard
• Various control options
• Mains or battery backup option
• In built control unit
• Gates can be locked in open or closed position
• Suitable for domestic & Commercial use
• Very easy to install on both new and existing gates
• Wide range of electromechanical operators for sliding gates upto 2500kg weight
• In case of power failure -just unlock device with personalized key
• Control to stop anytime while gate is moving