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C4G Automation Specialized in customized of these high quality Automatic Gates, Doors, Shutters, Road barriers & Bollards across Residential, Commercial & Industrial. We have the ability to manufacture architectural and specialty type Automatic Gates, Doors & Shutters. C4G specialists in Metal Steel(M.S), Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Wooden & Galvanized Steel Automatic Gates, Doors, Shutters, and Laser Cutting with powder coated Grill Rolling Shutters”

“If you are looking for automatic Automatic Gates, Doors, Shutters, Road barriers & Bollards supplies or installation then you have found the largest and most comprehensive range in south India. Most of the quality gate automation equipment in the world today is made in India, Italy & Spain and no one manufacturer provides a single solution to every automatic gate. For that reason C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd. allows you to choose from Forty of the south india best automatic Automatic Gates, Doors, Shutters, Road barriers & Bollards manufacturers with value and quality to suit all budgets”

“C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd. offer a complete package for the design  Remotes, GSM, WiFi, GPRS App, RFID, Home Automation control  technology and installation of Automatic Gates , Garage doors , Rolling shutters , Road barriers & Bollards entrances which are custom made to client requirements or architect requirements. The company has completed many projects for a wide range of these automatic entrances technology’s. We are specialized in installation of these International High Technology  Gates, Garage doors & Rolling shutters across Residential, Commercial & Industrial”


GPRS App – C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Imagine being able to control every aspect of your life from your smartphone. You wake up in the morning and turn on the coffee pot from your bedroom, activate your sound system just before stepping into the shower, and lock your house behind you as you head out to work all using your iPhone or Android phone. You open and close gates.

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RFID – C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Vehicle RFID Access Control”, also known as “Automatic Vehicle Identification Access”, is a secure radio frequency identification system used to automatically accept or deny a vehicle access into a particular area.


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GSM – C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Just dial a number to open your gates. When your call is received the system recognises your number and will send a signal to open.Let your phone be your gate’s remote control. Eliminate the need and the expense of providing additional remote controls for everyone.With the GSM gate opener, you open and close your gate from your phone and just drive straight in.



Service and Maintenance by C4G Automation

We provide a full range of service and maintenance options to cover all equipment supplied and installed by C4G Automation. We also have the capacity of servicing other brands; please contact us for further details.

To ensure the longevity of our products and enforce all Health and Safety requirements, our automatic equipment must be serviced at least once per 4months for residential, twice per year for commercial entrances, thrice per year for industrial. C4G Automation are more than happy to offer this service to all our customers.

All of our products meet or exceed current Health and Safety standards. Maintaining your equipment ensures compliance and is good practice. Equipment not complying to these standards can break down or malfunction, causing injuries which you may be liable for. By having a Maintenance Contract with C4G Automation, the responsibility of the upkeep of the equipment will be passed to us.

Our service department supplies all of C4G Automation customers with an excellent maintenance service across all equipment types. These customers can be a small single barrier user, a revolving door, a large multiple access control system, an office with pedestrian turnstiles, C4G gate automation customer on a high-security site. All their requirements vary greatly from a cost-effective next day response, to an immediate response within a guaranteed time scale.

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We have modern and latest technology based production facilities for a wide range of fencing wire solutions made available from our end. The well equipped production unit comprises machines, tools and equipment that allow us to deliver international quality standard range of security fencing wires as well as other associated wire products.


Some of the production machinery we have with us includes:

  • Lathe machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Drilling Machine
  • Shaping Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Wire Drawing Machine
  • Laser Cutting Mechanism
  • Punching Mechanism
  • Water jet Cutting Machine
  • Air jet Cutting Machine


Gate Repairs

If in the unfortunate event that your Electric Gate becomes in need of repairs, C4G Automation can repair all C4G motors promptly to your convenience. Whether the damage is to the gate or the motor itself we would be happy to assist and our team of experts can advise on how this can be avoided in future. Whether the repair is included in one of our maintenance packages or as a ‘one off” repair, contact a member of our team to discuss the problem.Our technicians can also repair other branded gates. In many cases the components used by C4G are fully compatible.


Products List

Automatic Sliding Gates , Multi-Fold Sliding Gates , Telescopic Sliding Gates , Cantilever Sliding Gates , Automatic Swing Gates , Multi – Fold Swing Gates , Cast Iron Gates , Stainless Steel Gates , Fundermax Gates & Doors , WPC Gates & Doors , Side Multi , Fold Garage Doors , Sectional Garage Doors , Sliding(Hanger) Garage Doors , Dual-Fold Garage Doors , Top- Head Garage Doors , Telescopic Garage Doors , Aluminium Garage Doors , Stainless Steel Garage Doors , Wooden Garage Doors , Rolling Shutters , Powder Coated Grill Rolling Shutters , Purported Rolling Shutters , Steel Bar(Grill) Rolling Shutters , Galvanised Rolling Shutters , Aluminium Rolling Shutters , Stainless Steel Rolling Shutters , Stainless Steel Bar(Grill) Rolling Shutters , Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter , Acrylic Rolling Shutters , Window Curtains & Roller Blinds , Road Barriers , Industrial , Sliding Gates , Industrial Telescopic Gates , Industrial Cantilever Gates , Cantilever Telescopic Sliding Gates , Industrial Sectional Doors , Industrial Sliding Hanger Doors , Industrial Slide Multi-Panel Doors , Industrial Folding Doors , Industrial Dock Doors , Industrial Rolling Shutters , Road Barriers , Bollards

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