“Telescopic Garage Door Systems allow all the doors to be linked together using pulley system so they move in a simultaneous action"

Motorised Telescopic Sliding Garage Doors

C4G Telescopic Garage doors are perfect for sites where the back-run is restricted. Telescopic garage doors can be made with up to 4 sections, and can reduce the run back required by 75%, compared to a single leaf gate. Each telescopic garage doors panel will move at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism. The telescopic garage doors can be personalized and are manufactured to specific site requirements; they are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. Telescopic garage doors are limited to two sections only. To achieve the maximum clear opening where the run back is very restricted, the telescopic garage doors is ideal.

Telescopic garage door is the natural choice for narrow vehicle parking ways as it maximises the width of the door opening providing a elegant solution when space is limited. Its precise design makes this solution suitable for places with high traffic, such as where shopping trolleys are entering and leaving. With the new microcomputer control, the system automatically detects settings such as difficult open or close rebound. C4G can be door-height/front/multi-directional adjustable. Simple and easy installation.


  • Clear cut shape & fashionable designs available to suit clients choice

  • Garage doors can be locked in open or closed position

  • Bottom roller assembly& top track bearing with nylon roller assembly designed for linear free motion

  • At each end, a track stopper is placed to absorb any impact and to hold the door in the open or closed position

  • Bottom guide track & top hanging roller track for telescopic sliding operation of the garage door

  • Wicket door for easy access may be incorporated into a sliding door

  • Perfect opening solution of partial sliding (single side or bi parting) of door panels can be decided on the actual space available for garage door parking.

  • The telescopic sliding garage door gear range is designed for continuous hard wearing use with sliding garage doors up to 1800Kgs

  • Can be designed in 2 to 3 leafs for single slide motion

  • Rollers made of specially designed composite materials such as nylon with bearing for trouble smooth operation

  • Increased personal security with driveway garage door operated from the safety of your car

  • Quick release disengaging mechanism inside garage enables changeover to manual operation in case of power failure

  • Infrared sensor system reverses the direction of the door if any obstruction cuts across the invisible light beam

  • Easy to operate through push button/ Remote control

  • Increased privacy – no uninvited visitors

  • A total safety system, automatic hung sliding garage doors are designed to meet all operational & safety needs

  • Facility for Emergency side Entrance Door

Motorised Telescopic Sliding Garage Doors
DOOR TYPE Single Telescopic Slide / Bi-Parting Telescopic Slide Type
Width Min./Max. Single Leaf : 1600/14000mm
Double Leaf :3200/28000mm
Height Min./Max. 1600/6000mm
Larger Dimension on request
Opening Direction Horizontal
Mounting Location Inside/Outside
Mounting Surface Bottom Rail: RCC/Steel
Columns : RCC/Steel
Garage Door Mounting On Top Track Mechanism
Outer Frame Tubular box section
(or Customized design available on request)
Internal Design Customized design ( vertical and horizontal design )
Bottom Rail “U” guide bottom track ( Mild Steel, Galvanised steel, Stainless Steel )
Bottom Rollers Steel with Nylon bottom guide rollers ( Mild Steel, Galvanised steel, Stainless Steel )
Mechanism Specially designed turning bearing rollers with turning door panels
Top Guide Rollers Sealed ball bearing rollers both side mounted on top running track for support & smooth movement of door.
Other available gate material Stainless Steel, Mild Steel,
Hot dip Galvanized Steel, Aluminium Steel
Sheets M.S/GI/Perforated /Aluminium sheets
Polycarbonate / Acrylic / PVC Sheet/Glass/Wood/WPC Wood/Fundermax panels
Ornamental Designs On Request or as per client or architect design
Options Available Spikes as per requirement
Wicket door/Side doors in the similar pattern as the main garage door
Any type of Customized Design can be made on request
Surface Finish Standard: Primer Finish
Optional: Enamel Painting/Duco/PU painting/ Powder coating/ Hot deep Galvanising
Drive Unit Imported & Indian make electromechanical drive having features such as powerful startup & thermal sensors
Single( A.C & D.C )/Three Phase
Emergency Operation Manual release knob
Accessories (Optional)
Operational Accessories
Additional Push Button
Key switch
Remote Control with receiver
Magnetic Loop Detector
Safety Accessories
Safety Photocell
Vertical Safety Edge Sensor
Indicative Accessories
Flashing Light
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