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Why Us (C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd. System)


Even if it is your first time to buy an Automatic Gates, Doors & Shutters, you don’t have to worry as our team of professional consultants will guide and advise you along the way until you find Automatic Gate Services that meet your desires and preferences. Even as we strive to provide our clients with the most affordable Remote Control Gates, Doors & Shutters solution, we never compromise on the quality of our products and services. You can expect top quality workmanship and installation services by our reliable team of professional installers. We closely observe the market prices to ensure that our clients get the most competitive pricing and deals from us even for both standard and customized Automatic Gates, Doors & Shutters solutions.


Our team of experts ensures that our many clients enjoy value and long term reliability from our purchases. Over the many years that we have been in business, we have built a good reputation through provision of superb services and reliable products in the field of automatic gate systems. You just need to contact us and leave everything else to our experts who will arrange a visit at your place and offer you the best solution on the kind of auto solution that you should be looking for. We offer a one stop complete auto gate solution, and we help you save your precious time as you don’t have to deal with multiple parties. We just ask our clients to tell us exactly what they need and our specialists will customize an Automatic Gates, Doors & Shutters system that meets your needs and purpose. This will give you a peace of mind by having an assurance that you and your family members and loved ones are adequately protected.


You will be pleased to meet our team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists who are very efficient and reliable in providing you with excellent auto gate solutions. You can trust us to install your auto gate system within your budget limits and on time. All our wide range of C4G Automation products have been made and designed to provide our clients with enhanced flexibility. With our reliable services and best performing products, you don’t have to search any further as we provide expert advice and excellent services and products. At C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd., we supply only the top quality Automatic Gates, Doors & Shutters All brands and we acknowledge the longevity and quality of these brands to guarantee value for your hard earned funds.


If you are looking for an experienced specialist or consultant for installing an Automatic Gates, Doors & Shutters at your commercial property or residential house, our company, C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd. is the perfect company to consider. We are the premier provider of high quality, excellently designed auto gate systems, intercom systems, alarms and a wide range of other security solutions. With our guarantee of top notch quality services and products, we are the undisputed champions in this field and you have every reason to choose us. We provide an extensive range of Automatic Gates, Doors & Shutters services and products to our many commercial, residential and industrial clienteles all over south India locations.






  • C4G Automation offer a full installation service if required on all type of works from private residential customers to large scale installations.
  •  C4Automation carry out all installations to the highest standards and to all Health & Safety Guidelines.
  • Our fitting teams have built up a well established portfolio of C4G Automation not only Bangalore based but on an Indian basis. Due to the years of expertise our team of fitters are fully competent when it comes to installations maintenance and repairs of all C4G motors, C4G gates and components.
  • Our new installation or replacement, our friendly and professional Project Management team offers a superior installation experience for all Automatic Gate, Doors & Shutters.
  • C4G and its partners install, on request, any Automatic Systems equipment regardless of the size and type of installation.
  • Our equipments for the control of perimeter access, entry to prestigious buildings, high security sites or highway service stations require quick and efficient interventions to limit the length of the site inaccessibility and users inconvenience.
  • Our qualified engineers master all the installation procedures to meet the requirements of each site and each client.
  • C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd. provides the logistic, assembly and start-up.
  • We also provide technical support to local integrators and distributors.




  •  At C4G Automation , we know that the relation with the customer does not end with the sale of our equipment.
  • Service is an essential component of that relation based on trust and our clients can always rely on Automatic Systems.
  • Servicing is a very important and integral part of any automated system and can reduce overall running costs by helping to prevent breakdowns.
  • As a general rule automated systems should be serviced every six months on commercial, i.e. multiple residencies or business premises or at yearly intervals for low usage gateways, i.e. domestic residences of up to twelve operations per day.
  • Our service technicians have gone through extensive training to diagnose the most problems that can arise with your gated entry system.

What’s Included in Our Service Visit?

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Basic adjustments to ensure the equipment is working correctly
  • Rectify any minor faults in opening and closing speeds, sensors, back check and latching
  • Ensure the equipment is compliant with all current Health and Safety standards




  • The teams of C4G Automation and its partners carry out preventive or corrective maintenance, under warranty, by contract or on request throughout the world and anytime.
  • Preventive maintenance guarantees long-life and operational reliability to all your C4G Automation equipment, for permanent use and an optimum protection of your investment.
  • C4G Automation Services preventative maintenance department provides scheduled service for gated entries that increase equipment life expectancy and assure reliability.
  • Our skilled technicians specialize in proactive services that promote longevity and prevent unnecessary repairs due to early detection.

Why Have A Maintenance Contract with C4G Automation?

  • Ensures your equipment is working efficiency
  • Increased lifespan of the equipment
  • Reduced number of call-outs as a result of breakdown
  • Ensures that the safety features are in correct working order which reduces the risk of insurance claims
  • Regularly maintained equipment will reduce operating costs and helps eliminate large, unexpected bills




  • Safety in the installation of all our equipment is of paramount importance to Genius.
  • We promote safety aspects wherever possible and endeavour to provide all the information necessary to assist in carrying out each installation to meet the guidelines and regulations of the industry and ensure the safety of end users.
  • We offer free training courses to personnel responsible for the safety of automatically controlled powered gates, including specific training to present safety laws and standards.
  • In this section you will find forms in order to record installations, along with other useful technical documentation for your installation.
  • Please follow the link to the door and hardware federation guide to gate safety legislation and standards:
  • An improperly installed automatic gate without proper safety devices may result in serious injury or death. Many manufacturers now produce 12V, 24V, 120V, and 230V operators, electric & hydraulic which are capable of detecting the difference between an obstacle and the effects of the wind on the gate leaf.

Our Service & Maintenance Division supports our customers with the following services:

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • General Service
  • Emergency and Priority Call-Out Service
  • Extended Warranty
  • Health and Safety Regulation and Compliance
  • Discounts on Parts and Labour
  • Competitive Callout Rates
  • Technical Back-Up Support
  • Training Programme’s
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Spares Holding