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Top Overhead Garage Doors


17. Top-Over Head Garage Doors

Comprise of one piece tilting panel, fitted with pivoting arms at both sides of the opening, which moves out and up from a vertical position into a horizontal position. These allow almost any material to be used to make the garage door and offer one of the lowest possible headroom requirements.”T” (Track) or “J” (Jamb) type hardware can be selected based on the weight and height of the door. Our Top-Up doors can be clad vertically, horizontally or diagonally to suit your individual style requirements. Top-up garage doors can be made to your specific needs to be in keeping with the design of your beautiful home. These doors can be operated either manually or by a motor and because of the materials used offer exceptional security for your garage or enclosed carport. Aluminium frames and or cladding can be powder-coated, offering a large selection of colour choices.


• Attractive glazing
• Wicket or side doors options
• Spring Brake protection
• Sealed from all sides to prevent foreign particles
• High sensitivity, long life and reliability
• Low maintenance
• Easy to install
• Spring balanced
• The nylon base makes the operator lighter
• Better handling compared to metal
• Electronic anti-crushing device
• Electronic control that handles mechanical stress