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Sliding Hanger Garage Doors


12. Sliding(Hanger) Garage Doors

C4G Hangar Doors can be provided in nearly all dimensions and due to the numerous design variants are suitable not only for new constructions but are also excellent when utilized in renovation tasks, where the static tolerance is often very limited. Our range of sliding Hanger doors offers 3 different models for different purposes with single and double skinned insulated panels. The doors can have glazing options in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to maximize the natural light or vision into the building.

1. wings of the sliding hangar doors
2. Telescopic Sliding hangar doors
3. Folding Sliding Hanger Doors

C4G hangar door systems are individually designed to satisfy the unique specification parameters for each project. We are able to meet your project demands, regardless of height, width, electrical classification or design loading requirements. Additionally, C4G offers full service hangar door repair. Our field staff is trained and experienced in all things hangar doors. It is safe to say that, given the opportunity, C4G can service all of your hangar door needs. Hangar Door Division have been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing Hanger doors.We provide special hangar door systems for our customers. If you want a door with extraordinary dimension than you have reached the right solution provider We manufacture hangar doors from standardized components according to customers’ specifications. We are extremely dependable and our doors require minimal servicing needs. Doors are professionally engineered to handle specified wind-loads and building criteria and can contain windows and integral pass-doors.


• Single or multiple door leaf, sliding hangar doors are available in any required size
• Sliding hangar doors can sustain extreme weather conditions and can provide excellent insulation
• Sliding hangar doors provide the best alternative for large-scale door locations, requiring high-quality heat and noise insulation
• Their rigid frame construction makes automated Sliding Hanger Doors ideal for large-scale exterior door locations
• Attractive glazing
• Wicket or side doors options
• Better handling compared to metal