Loading Bay Equipments

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Loading Bay Equipments

Docking Systems

Docking Systems facilitates for smooth, safe as well as efficient goods loading and unloading at door entrances. With available options offered in form of Dock levelers, Dock shelters and Loadhouse, these allow for easy docking and can be provided in different solution finish based on parameters like traffic intensity, requirements of building, insulation requirements and others, thus suiting specific business requirements.

Also supporting the demands of bridging gap between truck as well as loading bay, these also support bringing reduction in draught into building and also helps in reducing energy leakage during loading & unloading and others.

Industrial Doors & Loading Bay Equipment; The Passion for The Work Well Done

The loading docks of logistics centres, industries and warehouses are the designated points to load and unload the goods from the trucks. They can be exterior docks or built-into the building, and are made up of various equipment such as sectional overhead doors, speed auto-tracking door, insulated roller shutters, dock levellers, dock shelters, iso loading dock, lifting tables; they also include various safety systems for workers and drivers, such as truck wheel chock systems, truck guides, loading dock bumpers or loading dock lamps.

Dock Levellers

C4G Dock Levellers bridge the difference in height and distance between the warehouse floor and the vehicle, ensuring safe loading and unloading. A dock leveller enables the load to be transferred in a single movement vastly reducing handling times, the risk of damage or accidental injury as they incorporate a range of health and safety features.

We can cater for both small and large type projects and also offer bespoke design solutions for individual customer’s requirements, whether it be a new build, refurbishment project, maintenance or a simple repair C4G aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

The dock levellers are powered by electro hydraulic lifting cylinders and a cylinder for the lip. All dock loading levellers are made of high quality materials with sturdy steel leveller construction and reinforced anti-twist platforms which will easily compensate for lorry tilting when loads are not distributed evenly.

Dock Shelters

Are you looking for a way to effectively seal off the gaps between a docked vehicle and the loading bay? A dock shelter from C4G Automation is the solution!

All C4G dock levellers offer a solution for specific situations. Each dock shelter has its own characteristics and is developed for a specific market branch. With our experience in these markets and by using the highest quality materials, we can offer you a program of durable, trustworthy and aesthetically attractive dock shelters.

Nowadays dock shelters are secure and safe concept to fill the gap between vehicle and building at the loading place. Dock shelters have also contributed to an improved workplace atmosphere which can also lower your absence rates due to illness. A complete range is available to suit different types of vehicles.



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