Fire Rated Shutters

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Motorised Fire Rated Rolling Shutters & Sliding Doors

When you need to compartmentalize a fire event quickly, a fire rated rolling shutter & sliding door is the perfect solution!

Fire rated sliding doors & rolling shutters prevent the spread of smoke and fire by compartmentalizing a fire event quickly. UL listed to stop a fire from breaching through for up to 4 hours, when installed in a fire rated opening, they provide the highest level of life safety and property protection. They automatically close when triggered allowing adequate time for egress from a building. Fire sliding doors & rolling shutters are manufactured for everyday use and are available with all the options, materials and finishes available in any overhead garage door.

What is a Fire rated rolling shutter & sliding door?

A fire rated rolling shutters & sliding doors is a commercially engineered door that has been rated and UL listed to not let fire breach through for up to 4 hours. In the event of a fire, fire doors are triggered to close and prevent fire and smoke from spreading. They are designed to protect the means of egress, which is a specifically designed continuous unobstructed path of exit. The means of egress are specifically designed, usually by the architect or designer to have a plan of escape in the case of a fire event. At least two separate means of egress or exit paths are required. Fire rated rolling shutters & sliding doors are one solution to prevent fire or smoke from blocking or preventing the exit route.

Why use fire rated shutters & doors?

In today’s business world, many flammable products, materials, solvents and more are used and stored in buildings and facilities. Additionally, many processes and manufacturing techniques can have flammable properties. Even accidents, poor craftsmanship or carelessness can lead to a fire event. When a fire event happens, it is important to protect fire and smoke from intruding upon the evacuation route, or means of egress, so that everyone can exit safely. To do this, rooms and areas that have higher chances of fire events will have fire rated sliding doors, fire rated shutters and other means of containing fire installed.



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