Sliding Doors

C4G products for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and High rise projects

Motorised Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a common, yet beautifully classic option for any space. At C4G Automation you can expect the highest quality doors and best customer service. Our team works hard to install your sliding doors in a timely and efficient manner. If you are looking for sliding doors but aren’t sure which style to choose, a sliding door may your best choice.

Sliding Doors provide the best value in the market and are the most commonly used in the industry. C4G’s sliding hangar doors are a dependable, economical and reliable choice for any pre-engineered or custom designed hangar facility. C4G’s focus is on quality and attention to detail that is unmatched in the hangar door industry.

All of our residential, commercial and industrial sliding doors are also easy to operate and are maintenance friendly, so you do not need to worry about the door system once it has been installed. If you do have any problems, the engineers at C4G are all too happy to help you and will be attend to any issues that you may have.

Sliding doors are:

  • Energy efficient for your space
  • An effective weather and sound barrier
  • Safe and secure—locks can be added in several places
  • Simple and functional, yet complimentary of most architectural styles
  • Smooth to open yet stable enough to be highly secure
  • Excellent for saving space
  • Great for maximizing natural light and maintaining views
  • Convenient for your customers, employees, or visitors by providing easy access to your space

Automatic sliding doors are a great way to accommodate simultaneous two-way traffic. Their flat panels slide horizontally and linearly, so they don’t require as much space as other automatic door styles such as swinging or revolving doors. Plus, because the door leaves slide away from people walking through, they area also safer. They come in a variety of configurations to fit almost any building’s needs and can be operated by either sensors or control mats.

Surface Mounted:

These sliding doors are very popular because of their installation flexibility. They can be surface mounted to existing structures with little or no modification. Surface mounted sliding automatic doors are ideal for retrofits or smaller openings that may not have enough room for and overhead concealed configuration. Surface mounted doors allow for a wide range of door materials to be used including wood, hollow metal and stainless steel.

Overhead Concealed:

Overhead concealed sliding doors have the mechanism hidden in a header above the door. The header sits flush to the door jamb and is very unobtrusive so it looks seamless. These doors can span 16 feet without any intermediate support needed.


Telescopic sliding doors are best when space is a premium. Telescopic doors allow for a door opening about 30% wider than standard sliding doors. They are easy to install and maintain, provide low energy consumption to operate, and are even available in an energy saving and upgrade design.

All Glass Slider:

If aesthetics are important, the all glass sliding door adds elegance to any building entry. These automatic sliding doors are available in single slide or bi-part in a large variety of sizes. A flush header design and bottom rail keep the look sleek tinted or etched glass can add even more upscale appeal.

Specialty Glass Sliding Doors:

We also offer specialty glass sliding doors including hurricane resistant sliding doors, clean room or hermetic sliding doors, access control sliding doors, fire-rated sliding doors, and more.



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