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Rolling Shutters


18. Rolling Shutters

Today, more than ever before, we need physical security at home and work to protect against vandalism, burglary or just for privacy and peace of mind. Increasingly, existing buildings are having security upgraded and new buildings are being designed to incorporate security. Security roller shutters meet many of these threats to property and person. The emphasis behind our range of electric roller shutter designs is on integration into your building and way of life; unobtrusive, attractive and easy to use. Not bolted on as an afterthought but designed, manufactured and installed to complement the building and ensure they are effective and secure in daily use. Although manual shutters are still in operation, the future is the electric roller shutters.

1. Motorized rolling shutters are designed and built to suit the customers requirement with high security and aesthetics
2. This rolling shutter has simple design with robust construction, low maintenance, easy operations and cost effectiveness
3. A wide range of accessories
4. Drives i.e. Side motors / Center motors are silent, compact and reliable
5. Shutter are design to provide security and elegancy
6. Single wall / Double wall slats available based on application
7. Models available 150Kg to 1800Kg
8. Standard Size up to 12 m and special sizes based on wind calculation
9. Various Slats material available in

• Grilles Rolling Shutter
• M.S Rolling Shutters
• Aluminum Rolling Shutters
• Perforated Rolling Shutters
• Flower design Rolling Shutters
• Galvanized(G.I) Rolling Shutters
• Chain Link Rolling Shutters
• SS Rolling Shutters(Grill & Plain Putti)
• Laser Cutting Rolling Shutters
• Powder Coated Grill Rolling Shutters
• Acrylic Rolling Shutters
• Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters
• Customized Rolling Shutters
• Remote Control Rolling Shutters
• Automatic Rolling Shutters
• Motorized Rolling Shutters


In densely populated areas, domestic electric roller shutters are the best choice for screening the interior of your house from view and for preserving your privacy. Roller shutters also provide excellent protection against strong sunlight (protecting interiors from damage by excessive light), hail, snow, rain and strong winds.


Commercial electric roller shutters are ideal for after working hours security in many retail and commercial environments, such as shop-fronts, office fronts, showrooms, doctor’s clinics and servery counters etc. There are main two types of domestic electric roller shutters which we manufacture and install.


Industrial electric roller shutters are ideal for after working hours security in industrial environments, such as factories and warehouses etc. There are main two types of industrial electric roller shutters which we manufacture and install.