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Multi Fold Swing Gates


6. Dual & Multi – Fold Swing Gates

The tricky part Dual & Multi-folding Swing gates that stumps most people is how to automate them. Yes it is possible to automate a Dual & Multi -folding gate using a normal swing gate motor so long as the motor fits onto the first panel, for Dual -folding gates the first panel maybe less than a meter, not all swing gate motors will fit this, check the specifications for the operator before choosing. The second gate panel does require a Power Fold mechanism that fits underneath the first gate panel so it is not so noticeable and is trackless. How this mechanism works is there is partial sheave that fits onto the corner of the post with a diameter that is twice as large as a second sheave that fits on the second gate panel at the hinge centre between the two panels and a wire rope is wrapped around the discs fixed at three points so as the first gate panel is opened the second gate panel is pulled around in the opposite direction by twice as much giving the folding action.


• No gates left open!
• Your family and pets will be safe and secure
• Increased personal security with driveway gates operated from the safety of your car
• Increased privacy – no uninvited visitors
• Greater convenience and improved quality of life
• Safety devices as standard
• Various control options
• Clear cut shape & fashionable design
• Gates can be locked in open or closed position