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Industrial Sliding Gates


32.Industrial Automatic Sliding Gates

Industrial Sliding Gates would normally run back and forth on grooved or circular wheels along a level horizontal beam fitted with a channel. The motor will drive the gate back and forth using a rack and pinion mechanism on the gate, powered by a cog at low level on the gate motor. This configuration however does require that the ground is relatively level and that a steel beam can be sunk into the ground the full length of the gate in both the open and closed positions. Any sliding gate in such circumstances requires to slide at least its own width either side of the opening, also taking into account the width of the motor (usually around 300 mm).

That industrial sliding gate opener is exclusively made of highly resistant components and have been designed for the automation of very heavy sliding gates .C4G heavy duty slide gate operator has got a manual unlocking mechanism allowing the gate to be moved if an electrical power black-out situation occurs and the powerful three-phase self-ventilated gear motor with its oil bath or grees gearbox guarantees intensive use. The control unit with an inverter and acceleration/deceleration ramps makes the C4G series industrial slide gate openers very safe and not only extremely powerful.


• Space saver
• No gates left open!
• Increased privacy – no uninvited visitors
• Greater convenience and improved quality of life
• Safety devices as standard
• Various control options
• Gates can be locked in open or closed position
• Suitable for industrial use
• Very easy to install on both new and existing gates
• Wide range of electromechanical operators for sliding gates upto 4000kg weight
• In case of power failure -just unlock device with personalized key
• Control to stop anytime while gate is moving