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Industrial Slide Multi Panel Doors


39.Industrial Slide Multi-Panel Doors

C4G Industrial Slide Multi-Panel Doors provide the perfect solution when space inside is limited either for side room or headroom. These Industrial doors are generally constructed from Steel, Aluminum & Timber sections with optional glazing sections providing light or to offer high levels of vision for sales or working purposes. Despite their size and constant usage, minimal maintenance is required to keep a side garage door working at all times.

C4G Industrial Doors as a description covers a multitude of garage door options. Many different tracking arrangements are possible depending on ground surface, weight of door panels and so on but with some careful though you can produce a very simple, easy to use side door system for long term use in either manual or electric mode. One of the other main advantages of C4G Industrial doors is the freedom of design it offers as there are generally no restrictions on thickness, weight or size of door panels used. We offer side doors as a solution to both commercial and Industrial requirements.C4G proud to present advanced and high tech door operators that are praised by our clients for long life and high performance. Our Industrial Door Operator is in high demand due to its unique construction features that include .Industrial door system is characterized by its low-noise operation, robust Surfaces and design diversity. Attractive glazing elements and easy-to-integrate side and wicket doors ensure that most requirements can be met. The motorizations are always equipped with a courtesy light which allows you to light the access safer. Automations are usually powered by 230 V and 24 Vdc, which, thanks to the low voltage, allows their functioning to be safer. The automation system can be chosen depending on the type and dimensions of the Industrial doors.


• Specifically designed for durability and reliability for heavy industry
• These door systems are available in steel, Aluminum & Timber fabric material.
• These door systems are meant to withstand desired wind load.
• Attractive glazing
• Wicket or side doors options
• Spring Brake protection
• Available from up to 50Fts
• Sealed from all sides to prevent foreign particles
• In very large openings, like these doors, width and height are not limiting factors for our doors