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Industrial Folding Doors


37.Industrial Dual & Multi-Fold Doors

The C4G Industrial Folding door range is very comprehensive indeed offering door leaf options to suit almost any opening. The range of insulated panels available with glazing options is vast with door as mentioned up to 14 meters wide. Folding industrial doors provide the perfect solution when space inside is limited either for side room or headroom. Folding doors are generally constructed from steel or aluminium sections with optional glazing sections providing light or display of products as in vehicle sales and the like. These Folding Doors offer high levels of vision for sales or working purposes. The C4G industrial folding doors have been designed to have a long service life and operate smoothly. This reliable construction is based on just a few individual hard wearing quality components. As a result requirements for maintenance and care are very low and the doors only entail minor consequential costs overtime. Available as a single stack to one side or bi-folding to both sides of larger openings they will provide an excellent solution for either effortless manual operation or electric operation on larger sizes. Minimal maintenance is also a positive reason for specifying folding doors with very few actual moving parts, even less of course with a one piece Folding door set.


Dual-fold Industrial doors are used in many projects including special industrial applications where high strength and maximum access is desired. The wide range of glazing and cladding options allow designers and architects scope for creativity. The door operation is made smooth and easy via a counter-balanced weight system and hand or electronic operation are both available. Glideaway uses worldwide expertise, design and specifications to custom build doors to meet each individual requirement.


The C4G Industrial Multi-Fold Doors we supply can be installed in extremely large openings. We can offer 3 to 12 door leaves, in accordance with the operative requirements, which can later be individually adapted to the customer’s needs. Folding garage doors present a different problem and need to be designed very carefully, especially the larger they get. We can supply folding garage doors in timber, steel and aluminium. Despite their size and constant usage, minimal maintenance is required to keep a Multi-Fold doors working at all times. This is partly due to the fact that each door has very few actual moving parts – even less of course with a one piece sliding doorset – which gives you another positive reason to opt for one of our Multi-Fold doors.


• Internal and external applications
• Centre folding or end folding variations
• Range of brackets for various fixing methods
• Range of hangers for all types of doors
• Suitable for steel, Aluminum or timber doors
• No limit to the opening size
• Folding doors for factories and industrial units
• Easy to install, extend or move
• maintenance – bearings and track do not need to be oiled
• Compact size – allowing for space utilization
• Track profile designed to reduce build up of dust, dirt and ice
• Space effective solutions for sliding doors