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Industrial Cantilever Gates


34.Industrial Cantilever Sliding Gates

The industrial Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate is suspended over the gate opening by a set of high quality sealed bearing cantilever rollers mounted onto steel posts. A cantilever gate does not have a ground track and is ideally suited to uneven ground. The Back-frame on these gates is 60% to 70% of the opening width so they require more side room than a ground track installation.
An alternative method of operation is the Cantilever System. Here there is no sunken steel beam the full length of the gate plus itself again. Instead the entire gate is suspended on a relatively short cantilever system involving wheels set in a channel (rather like the wheels of a train carriage). The “overhang” of the gate beyond the opening is usually around 30% to 40% of the nominal gate width and the entire gate pivots on the cantilever wheels. It then operates by running back and forth on these cantilever wheels. The gate motor principle is the same (i.e. toothed rack and pinion), with the motor being located in roughly the same position as with a standard sliding gate system.


• No track on the ground.
• No risk of wear or curvature track due to passage of Lorries or heavy vehicles.
• No risk of curvature track due to weather changes.
• Our Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates are virtually maintenance free as there is no accumulation of dust & water on the track.
• These types of Cantilever sliding gates can be easily installed on a non-stabilized or perfectly horizontal ground.
• Cantilever gate manufacturers use imported Italy make cantilever track and pair of bottom trolley rollers
• Available with hinged side & inbuilt wicket gates for pedestrian use.
• Electromechanical gear motors range: 400 to 5000Kg for heavy gate application.