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GSM , WiFi , GPRS App & RFID Control

GSM – C4G Automation

C4G Automation offer a complete package  GSM entrence openers to open Gates, Garage doors, Rolling shutters , Bollards and Road barriers by a simple phone call. Just dial a number to open your gates. When your call is received the system recognises your number and will send a signal to open.Let your phone be your gate’s remote control. Eliminate the need and the expense of providing additional remote controls for everyone.With the GSM GATE OPENER, you open and close your gate from your phone and just drive straight in.



Let your phone be your gate’s remote control. Eliminate the need and the expense of providing additional remote controls for everyone.

  • No more lost remote controls to replace.

  • No more purchasing additional remotes for your family members or new employees.

  • No more batteries to replace in your remote controls.

  • No more family, friends, or someone waiting in front of your gate while you locate your remote control.


Safety – No more waiting in front of your automatic gate for it to open or close – Just drive straight in or out.

Flexibility – You can add or remove a number in a minute with an SMS. The system accepts up to 64 programmed numbers.

Affordability – Stop spending money to provide everyone with a remote control. Let him/her use their mobile phone as a universal remote.

Convenient – 84% of all people have a mobile phone. When leaving the house, we check three (3) things: Keys, Wallet and most importantly the Mobile Phone. No matter if you change your car, or if you have different gates to open, your phone will always be with you at all times.

How does the GSM-C4G Automation  work?

Inside the system is a mobile phone connected to the GSM networks via a SIM card. When a SIM card is inserted into the GSM – C4G, it then has a phone number which can be used to control it.When a call arrives, the C4G is designed to drop the call on the first ring and then make a decision as to whether the switch the onboard relays.

Depending how the GSM – C4G is configured, a number of things will happen. If the number that just ‘called’ is know, a relay pulse is generated to allow gates, doors , Barriers and Shutter to be opened.If the GSM – C4G is set to ‘gate’ mode, the incoming call is ignored and the unit will only respond to text messaging in order to give security of Gates , Garage doors and Shutter doors.

  1. User calls the number of a SIM card contained within the GSM controller

  2. If the GSM Controller recognises the number of the caller, it rejects the call and instructs the gate or door to open or close. If not, no action is taken.

  3. The GSM Controller sends an optional SMS message to confirm the action has been carried out.

GSM controller is a remote control device which can be operated via GPRS. You can remotely control gates, garage doors and barriers via mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

“If notification texts are being sent, the rates will depend on the network SIM card you choose”

What is the maximum working distance?

The GSM Gate Opener does not have limitations like a normal remote control. Using a mobile phone or land line, you can open your gate from anywhere, even from another country ( International Roaming Required ). It is really convenient to arrive in front of your home when the gate is already open, without having to wait in the middle of the road.


How can i enable different phone numbers to open my gate? 

To store a number, you simply send an SMS text message, that starts with a password, to the Gate Opener, indicating the phone number to enable, and its position in the list. Numbers are stored in the system’s memory and not on the SIM. This prevents someone from removing the SIM to copy all the numbers into a mobile phone.

“Only the one who knows the password can insert or delete enabled phone numbers”


What can be controlled with an C4G Automation?


  • Sliding Gates

  • Cantilever Sliding Gates

  • Telescopic Sliding Gates

  • Swing Gates

  • Multi-Fold Sliding Gates

  • Multi-Fold Swing Gates


  • Sectional Garage Doors

  • Side Multi-Fold Garage Doors

  • Sliding Hanger Garage Doors

  • Over-Head Garage Doors

  • Dual-Fold Garage Doors

  • Telescopic Garage Doors






And much more(Automatic Gates , Doors & Shutters)… the limit is your imagination.


GPRS or WiFi – C4G Automation (Smart Mobile App)

Smart GPRS or Wifi Gates , Garage Door , Rolling Shutters , Barriers & Bollards Openers With App

Doesn’t smart technology just make life so much easier?

Imagine being able to control every aspect of your life from your smartphone. You wake up in the morning and turn on the coffee pot from your bedroom, activate your sound system just before stepping into the shower, and lock your house behind you as you head out to work all using your iPhone or Android phone. You open and close Gate , Garage door & Rolling shutter activate the security system, and remotely monitor your home throughout the day. Isn’t technology awesome?

touch screen tablet and shows tablet

A smart Gate , Garage door & Rolling shutter opener is definitely a worthy investment for those who want to turn their house into a “smart home”. Simply connect your WiFi Gate , Garage door & Rolling shutter opener to your home wireless network, and you can immediately control it via the Gate , Garage door & Rolling shutter opener app of your choice. No more waiting for your clicker to get within range–you can simply access it through your smartphone as you’re coming up the driveway.

Not sure where to start? We’ve done the work for you by finding the best wireless openers available. We combed through hundreds of products and read thousands of reviews to find the best product for you. We compared pros and cons, specifications, reliability, durability, convenience, functionality, compatibility, and many other metrics to determine which one was the best. In order to find the best unit for you, we evaluated every opener’s performance.

RFID – C4G Automation

Gates , Garage Door , Rolling Shutters , Barriers & Bollards Openers via mobile phone & RFID 

With this special high-end technology, when C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd., easily places a small computer chip called a ‘tag’ in your vehicles, you can expect to securely and automatically have driveway Gate entrances, Garage Doors , Rolling Shutters , Road Barriers and Bollards open for ONLY you… and without remembering any code numbers and pushing keypads, or relying on a   unsecured remote key fob.

 “Vehicle RFID Access Control”, also known as “Automatic Vehicle Identification Access”, is a secure radio frequency identification system used to automatically accept or deny a vehicle access into a particular area.

c4g rfid_Page_1


Our “Automatic Vehicle Identification Access” systems are reliable high-end technologies that are used for securing and controlling all types of vehicle entrances for private residential driveway Gates , Garage Doors , Rolling Shutters , Road Barriers and Bollards (even private airplane hanger doors) completely hands-free and extremely secure; And are used for controlling and securing community properties or subdivisions with security gate entrances (no need for security guards); And used in gate access systems for securing and controlling all gate entrances to any property or facility where secure vehicle and parking access control is needed.

With this hands-free technology moving vehicles are automatically scanned (by a long-range reader) to retrieve a secure and encrypted serial code from the ‘tag’ assigned to the vehicle(s). All of these features without having to remember any code numbers and pushing keypads; Or without jeopardizing your safety by relying on an unsecured remote key fob with a one-dollar battery; Or without being stopped at the community gate by a security guard requesting I.D., and signing-in every time you arrive. In each case offering unmatched security and convenience.

Whenever a automobile with a valid ‘tag’, typically on the inside front windshield, approaches the gate and/or garage door the totally hands-free operation gives convenient access while the driver keeps his hands on the steering wheel! No opening of windows and no stretching of arms outwards. At the same time, our RFID access control system will keep non-authorized people on the outside. Just drive up to the gate and/or overhead door and it automatically opens, but will NOT allow access for anyone else — unless you want them to enter — automatically!

The C4G Automation (RFID) Gate entrances, Garage Doors , Rolling Shutters , Road Barriers and Bollards Opener Kit lets you upgrade your Gate entrances, Garage Doors , Rolling Shutters , Road Barriers and Bollards opener with the power of RFID! Once you set up your kit, you can swipe an RFID fob near the antenna to activate your garage door opener.

How to Open Your Garage Door With RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is an exciting technology that has gained popularity in recent years.  It creates the ability to tag something with a very small passive chip that then allows remote reading of the information on that chip.  RFID tags are commonly used for security door swipe cards, identification for lost pets, and more recently near field communication in smartphones.In this tutorial I’ll explain a few basics about how RFID works, describe some different types of RFID, and show how you could build an RFID garage door opener.