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Dual-Fold Garage Doors


15. Dual Fold Garage Doors

C4G Dual- fold Garage doors have great advantages when it comes to its operation characteristics. These doors are totally automatic but can be operated manually in case of power cut. They can be installed to a varies size of openings. There are situations where a door installation is necessary for large opening dimensions and where additional roof loading is out of question. In such situations C4G provides you the solution that you need with its in house manufactured dual-fold garage doors. Requiring less back run, folding doors need less space for parking, giving clear opening and eventually reducing the chances of accidents. Our door is made of multiple panels that are connected through high precision hinges supported with rollers mounted in top tracks. The rollers roll in the track allowing the required sliding motion for the door to occupy the parking space.

The C4G Dual-Fold Garage door is available in seven different leaf configurations, with any combination of one, two or three leaves hinged to one or both. No bottom track required so leaving a clear threshold. Can be manually or electrically operated. The C4G Dual-fold Garage Door offers a high level of security and can be combined with toughened insulated double glazed windows. This is a completely custom multi-fold garage door. From the custom steel frame, with wood finished to match the existing house, and custom opening system all came together to create these beautiful operating Multi-Fold garage doors.


• No gates left open!
• Your family and pets will be safe and secure
• Increased personal security with driveway gates operated from the safety of your car
• Increased privacy – no uninvited visitors
• Greater convenience and improved quality of life
• Safety devices as standard
• Various control options
• Clear cut shape & fashionable design
• Gates can be locked in open or closed position