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We understand how important it is for you to choose the right gate to match your requirements. Therefore we have created a frequently asked questions page to help you in your research and electric gate decision. However if you cannot find the answer you are looking for then please do contact where we are more than happy to help.

Why choose an Automated Gate?

Answer :- Automated gates are not only a convenient and aesthetically pleasing entrance gate to your property, but they are very secure and an excellent deterrent to unwanted intruders.

Is it possible to automate my existing gate?

Answer :- Yes. You can install our automatic gate-opening systems on almost all types of gates. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to post a free quotation.

What if I choose the wrong type of gate?

Answer :- :- Our installations team will take accurate measurements for fitting so we can ensure that the correct gate and all components needed are on order. If you are not 100% sure, on your chosen product please speak to a member of our team prior to paying your deposit and agreeing for work to go ahead. We will contact you before the order is made to discuss alternatives if required. Remember we offer a service from start to finish and thrive on customer satisfaction!

What happens in the event of a power cut?

Answer :- We supply and fit the majority of our gates with a backup battery; it ensures that gates can be opened in the event of a power failure. If the backup battery is not included, alternatively a key is provided to unlock the motor mechanism.

How long are your products guaranteed for?

Answer :- All our installations come with a 12-month guarantee. We cover the warranty personally. If in the unlikely event, a unit was to fail outside the warranty period, we can repair our products, at a fraction of the new cost. Remember we have a desire to obtain the highest standards in customer satisfaction.

What power supply is required for the system?

Answer :- There are a number of different systems on the market today. Some are “three phase” Heavy industrial. Some are “230v mains” and some are “12/24v Low volt”. Supply for the automation alone is often too little for supplementary equipment, such as communications, lighting or maintenance tools i.e. welding, drilling etc. Therefore at least a suitable 230V, 13amp constant & dedicated supply is always recommended.

What Cabling is required?

Answer :- Four types of cables are required:

  • Mains Supply: For distance up to 200 meters, 2.5 mm diameter cable is suffice. Use 4mm for greater distance than 200 meters
  • Low Voltage Cable: For use with photocells, beacon, and key switch: Use 4-core 0.75mm
  • Gate Motor Cable: Use 4-core 1.5 Armored
  • Ground Loop Cable: Use only cable supplied with ground loop
Will the gates close on an obstruction or user?

Answer :- Systems are manufactured with a manual release, for override during system or power failure.

What causes the gates to stay open?

Answer :-

  • The photo cells are not in line with each other, or there is an obstruction breaking the beam.
  • Low battery in key fob
  • Loose wire between motor and Control Panel
  • Dip Switches have been tampered with
  • Fault in Plug in Radio receiver
What are the extra buttons on my remote for?

Answer :- Extra buttons can be programmed for another gate or a garage door

Why Choose C4G Automation?

Answer :-

  • Automatic gate systems, if correctly installed and maintained, will provide years of trouble free Convenience and additional security for your property.
  • We would ask you to note that when choosing a supplier for your new gate system you should be Purchasing more than just the equipment. You will hope to have a relationship with your supplier For years to come.
  • It is in this respect that it is important to choose a supplier who is technically competent, Who will be able to provide comfort and support to you during the life of Your gate system.
  • We feel that we meet all the requirements, plus more. We are specialists in automation offering unparalleled service and maintenance back up with 24 hour cover provided 365 days per year by our own fully trained engineers. We also hold a full Stock of spare parts for all the equipment we install.
  • Prospective customers can arrange a free and non-obligatory site survey with one of our Fully-qualified, highly experienced surveyors. They will explain all the options open to you whilst.
  • Investigating the suitability of your entrance or existing gate structure. Following this you will be Sent a detailed quotation containing suitable system/price alternatives.
Gate Modification Or Repair To Existing Gates?

Answer :-

    • You may not want to replace your existing gates, perhaps because you are fond of them or do not Want to bear the cost of new gates.
    • We will therefore need to inspect them to establish whether they can be automated in their current state or be modified to do so. Meanwhile, here are the most obvious indications that your gates might require repair or modification.
    • Any cracks at the base of the brick piers – often indicating ground or structural movement of the foundations Piers are not upright and/or parallel to each other – again, possible ground movement Any past impact to gates/piers .


    : if a vehicle has ever crashed into them In most instances, your existing gates will be suitable for automation
I require new gates plus automation?

Answer :- We can provide you with a one-stop service for the complete installation, from manual gates to Automation through to after-sales service and maintenance. Simply check the guidelines in this Booklet and we can price accordingly. We offer a wide range of gates which come in a range of styles And colours. Gates can be painted, galvanized, powder coated or a combination.

New gates are my priority, but I haven’t yet decided on automation?

Answer :- We offer a wide range of systems to complete this. Manual gates tend to simply be left open for long periods to facilitate comings and goings of your own and your visitors vehicles in order to avoid The effort of physically pulling them to and fro. Automated gates obviously work far more frequently Through the closed-to-open-to-closed cycle. Our surveyor will appraise your gates and pillars to Ensure they are suitable and give any recommendations if required.