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We supply all types of Bollards for all types of applications. We are offering wide range of Automatic Bollards which are highly demanded by our customers. We supply bollards that are used at high security locations around the world such as government buildings and embassies. These products are available in various range to our clients. Keeping in mind requirements these products are available at very reasonable price. Please browse our website and contact us to see how we can help you protect your assets.

Traffic guidance

Traffic bollards establish important visual cues for drivers—helping create more stimulating environments for safe and responsible driving. Bollards stand at an optimal height for driver visibility while maintaining clear sightlines and pedestrian flow where needed. Simple, bolt-down bollards can be used to complement new or existing traffic management devices—including signage, road barriers, curbs, speed bumps and crosswalks. Bollards also provide visual indicators around sensitive areas such as exposed building areas, utility boxes, parking attendant booths or pedestrian walkways. When used in dense urban areas, bollards segment bike lanes and pedestrian walkways to ensure safety for all modes of transportation. For parking areas and restricted access roads, bollards can be installed with versatile mountings to allow temporary or seasonal access.


Bollards present clear, visible barriers for off-limit or sensitive areas. Steel-pipe security posts are made from structural grade steel and can be reinforced with concrete to withstand high-impact vehicle collisions. Use security bollards on their own as stand-alone posts or to reinforce decorative bollards. Stand-alone security posts can be covered with cost-effective plastic sleeves to ensure protection from corrosion and to maximize visibility. Steel-pipe bollards are ideal in pedestrian areas—such as building entrances, transit hubs or parking-lot walkways. They are ideal for areas with vulnerable populations—senior citizens, young children or people with disabilities. Security posts also protect vulnerable building areas from deliberate ram-raid thefts.

Access control

When installed with customizable mountings, bollards control access to sensitive or restricted areas. Choose from a range of styles and mounting types to accommodate any application:

  • Removable mountings offer convenient access and minimal obstruction.
  • Retractable bollards require no additional storage and can be operated with a single key-locking mechanism housed internally.
  • Collapsible bollards allow for quick adjustments and require no additional storage.

Specialized applications

Flexible bollards are designed to withstand vehicle impacts—bending up to 90 degrees without compromising their original shape or upright position. They ensure minimal damage to vehicles, making them ideal for locations where collisions may be expected or unavoidable. Flexible bollards can be installed with fixed or removable mounting types.

Light bollards are ideal for lighting open areas and pathways. They feature LED lighting heads powered entirely by solar cells—requiring no hardwiring or trenching. Intelligent energy management systems take into account available sunlight and seasonal weather patterns to conserve energy and maximize output at desired times. Choose from a range of color, distribution and scheduling patterns.

Bike parking bollards offer the decorative appeal of standard and ornamental bollard designs while also providing a means for convenient bicycle storage. They require only a single installation point and can be equipped with removable mountings for seasonal accommodation.

Quality materials

Reliance Foundry was built on a tradition of providing the highest-quality cast metal products. Bollards are available in a range of ductile iron, steel, aluminum and plastic materials. Iron, standard steel and aluminum products are powder coated to ensure lasting durability and improved visual quality. Stainless steel bollards offer clean aesthetics that will resist rust in corrosive environments.

Easy installation

Select from a range of installation methods based on the product/model and intended site/application. Fixed mounting styles include embedding into new concrete and bolt-down flanges for new or existing concrete. Removable mountings are also available for most Reliance Foundry products.

Competitive and convenient purchasing

Detailed pricelists, including volume discounts, are available online. Visit our product category pages or individual item pages for price details. Request formal quotes at each item page for details and shipping costs to your location.


• Less maintenance
• Easy to use
• Robustness
• High durability
• The reliable and economical solutions for
• Commercial vehicle access control
• Traffic, pedestrian places
• Maintain safe and versatile control at indoor and outdoor areas
• The reliable & elegant solution for robust operation, heat insulation
• Energy saving steel doors
• Safe operation, secure track with hand protection
• Advance electronic drive & controls