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Automatic Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds

Technical blinds are the response to the need for protection from the sun, wellbeing and personalized lighting. The special feature of technical blinds is the geometric form taken by the material used in place of normal canvas, once processed and assembled. The automation is obtained by simply inserting the motor, known as tubular due to its form, inside the tube around which the blind is wound. Control can be from the immediate vicinity, with a simple wall-mounted control, or via radio with a portable radio control. The motor is powered by 230 V current. The motor moves reliably and precisely and is available with an emergency manoeuvre which can be used during black-outs to action the blind.
This type of blind is mainly used in offices or in residential environments with modern furnishing


Systems may be operated by fixed switch or radio remote control or both. Huge range of options for multiple switching simultaneously or individually or in banks. The system cover a multitude of stacking possibilities including single, pair, multiple pairs and asymmetric.


• Use 230V/50HZ AC motor quiet design,single motor can load 70kgs
• This motor with electrionic limit,no need the set limit position by hand,it greatly shortens thedebugging time
• The curtain motor with clutch inside for easy control the curtain by automatic or manual
• When you use hand to full the opening or closing curtain,the curtain will automatically stop if meet resistance
• The maximal width of one motor is 8mtrs
• Wireless control and manual release
• Suitable for home,hotel,office,meeting room and villa etc
• control light with the push of a button
• remote opens, closes and tilt slats
• good for hard to reach areas & heights
• luxurious and covenient operation