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Multi Fold Sliding Gates



Multi Sliding gates require only a small footprint and are often a good choice when space is limited. Many Multi Sliding gates have relatively fast opening and closing speeds. Because of the many potential entrapment points possible with this type of gates, additional safety considerations are often required. We believe that with property sizes getting smaller, you need your space more than ever. The Multi Fold Sliding was designed specifically with space constrained properties in mind allowing you to have an automatic gates and still have room to park your car.Automatic Multi Sliding gates are also a good solution where the driveway slopes up and away from the gates, where the slope would have prevented swing gates from opening, sliding gates are ideal for automatic operation there.


• Space saver
• Your family and pets will be safe and secure
• Increased personal security with driveway gates operated from the safety of your car
• Increased privacy – no uninvited visitors
• Greater convenience and improved quality of life
• Safety devices as standard
• Various control options
• Mains or battery backup option
• In built control unit
• Gates can be locked in open or closed position
• In case of power failure -just unlock device with personalized key
• Control to stop anytime while gate is moving