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Automatic curtain motors


Window Curtains

Electric window curtains are the perfect solution for large windows, difficult to reach windows and glazed areas and are more popular than ever. Whether for private homes, hotels, museums, conference or AV Rooms automatic curtain systems can be individually operated, arranged in groups or incorporated into the building management systems. Customers may choose from a range of alternatives according to their individual requirements, including fixed switch, radio or remote control, or both.Open and close your drapes, blinds, shades and other window coverings by remote control, time of day or even by the brightness of the sun shining into your house! Plus, automated drape and shade controls are perfect for home theater settings! Home Controls offers several systems ranging in price and style


• Use 230V/50HZ AC motor quiet design,single motor can load 70kgs
• This motor with electrionic limit,no need the set limit position by hand,it greatly shortens thedebugging time
• The curtain motor with clutch inside for easy control the curtain by automatic or manual
• When you use hand to full the opening or closing curtain,the curtain will automatically stop if meet resistance
• When the power is off.just do as we do to a common manual operated curtain,we can lightly full the curtain to open and close
• The maximal width of one motor is 8mtrs
• Wireless control and manual release
• Suitable for home,hotel,office,meeting room and villa etc
• control light with the push of a button
• remote opens, closes and tilt slats
• good for hard to reach areas & heights
• luxurious and covenient operation