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Aluminium Garage Doors



Aluminum garage door transform your home’s appearance with the modern look of a glass with aluminum garage door. The C4G collection gives you the opportunity to customize a new garage door for your home. Access the beauty of natural light during the day, and return home to a warm glow at night. Different window options allow you to choose the right degree of natural light for your home and privacy needs. You can even add a splash of color by choosing aluminum panels to match your favorite frame.The look you’ve always imagined is at your fingertips. C4G aluminum garage doors include options that maximize your customization experience. Choose the right Metal, the right glass and the right amount of aluminum. You’ll also enjoy a five-year warranty on your finish and a three-year warranty on your hardware.

C4G aluminum garage doors come in two different models

1. M.S with Aluminum Garage Doors

2. Aluminum with Glass Garage Doors

Our 1st aluminum garage door Model C40 features a wide, heavy-duty M.S frame with aluminum sheet and offers an array of frame finishes and special custom options in door sizes up to 25’ feet wide.

Our 2nd garage doors Model C41 made of glass and aluminum complement your home’s clean, modern look. The large full view glass panels beautifully fuse indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing your home’s glass expanses and patios – all while their rugged, anodized aluminum construction makes them virtually maintenance-free. It is a classic style that is sure to enhance the look of any home for years to come.

“Contact C4G for more information about model availability in your region. aluminum garage doors a unique look for today’s more contemporary-styled homes”


• Non-insulated aluminum frame colours include clear.
• Custom frame colours are also available.
• Panel options include tempered glass, insulated glass, acrylic, poly carbonate or solid aluminum.
• Popular glass choices include clear.
• Custom sizes and designs are available.
• Rust resistant and virtually maintenance free.